This Douche Wearing A MAGA Hat Showed Up At Scene Of School Shooting With A Gun And Flag (VIDEO)


A man wearing a Trump campaign MAGA hat showed up near the scene of the Santa Fe, Texas school shooting on Friday. He had an American flag in his hand and a gun at his waist, so he explained to a reporter that he was there to “Make America Great Again.”

The man, who has not been identified, said he was there to offer his “support.” The Trump supporter told a local NBC affiliate that his first instinct when he heard about the school shooting was to “get to the school! Make America great again.”

“Just ‘God bless you all’ will go a long way right now for a lot of people,” he said.

The unidentified armed man’s presence upset people in the area, including a gun rights’ supporters.

“This idiot is walking down the street with a damn pistol at his side where we just had kids get shot. I’m a gun-rights person, I have guns, OK? But this idiot is walking down here and saying he needs to ‘Make America Great Again.’ That’s not what America needs. America needs prayers,” one man said.

Actually, prayers have been unsuccessful so far, because, according to the Bible, ‘Faith without works is dead.’

At least 10 people are dead, including nine children, after a 17-year-old student opened fire at the high school in Texas Friday morning, sending students fleeing for their lives. Ten others were wounded, including a police officer, officials said. This marks the 22nd school shooting this year and it’s only May.

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Image via screen capture.