This Muslim Man Saved Numerous Lives During The Paris Kosher Market Siege


Lassana Bathily, a Muslim employee of the Paris kosher supermarket, is being hailed as a hero after he saved numerous lives during the attack by extremists, Alan Colmes reports.

Amedy Coulibaly took the market hostage and threatened to kill everyone inside if the police took action against Cherif and Said Kouachi, the two brothers suspected of the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Four people were killed but it could have been a lot worse if not for Bathily.

Mediaite reports:

When Coulibaly began opening fire in the market, customers started rushed into the basement along with Bathily, who suddenly had an idea and began herding people into a giant walk-in freezer. “I turned off the light, I turned off the freezer,” he told BFMTV. As he locked the door from the outside, he told them: “Stay calm here. I’m going out.”

He later checked in on the survivors in the fridge, who said they were cold but otherwise doing well. “We’ll open a bottle of wine here, there are plenty,” someone in the fridge joked. Police soon raided the supermarket and killed Coulibaly, eventually releasing the freezer hostages.

“They congratulated me,” Bathily said.

As Buzzfeed notes, the quick thinking man is being hailed as a hero on social media.

Watch in French courtesy of BFMTV:

Prise d'otage de la porte de Vincennes: les… by BFMTV

I’m sure Fox’s Rupert Murdoch will have his people report on this man’s bravery. (wink wink).

Murdoch tweeted yesterday that most Muslims should be held accountable. He wrote, “Maybe most Moslems peaceful, but until they recognize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible.”

Mr. Bathily has something billionaire Rupert Murdoch does not. A heart. I’m not saying Murdoch does not have a soul, but ‘sources say’ when he goes to hell, Satan will bow down to him.

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Image: RTL via Buzzfeed.