Tomi Lahren Has On-Air Meltdown Because No One Believes Trump Is In ‘Excellent Health’ (VIDEO)


Tomi Lahren and Fox “News” were meant for each other. Both worship Donald Trump. Both see conspiracies behind every potted plant. And both have the collective IQ of an Idaho potato.

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s nightly waste of time and airwaves Thursday, Lahren defended Trump’s handing out his so-called “fake news awards” earlier in the day:

“So the president comes out with this fake news media award last night, but then you are watching the media and they are trashing his doctor, the guy that also was the doctor for Barack Obama and George W. Bush. They are angry because the president is in excellent health. How is anybody to interpret that other than there is nothing this man can do they will never like.”

Nothing he can do they will ever like? Sounds exactly like what President Obama had to endure for eight years from the Republicans. As for Trump being in excellent health, a man his age who has to use a golf cart instead of walking and is quite obviously obese is not healthy.

Next, Lahren accused critics of her beloved tangerine hippo of wanting the president to die:

“They want him to fail and they him to be ill and they want him to die. Let’s be honest, that’s exactly what they want. They’re so frustrated that he is winning for the American people.”

We don’t want Trump to die, Tomi. If he did, how would he ever get to serve those decades in federal prison he’s facing for being a traitor? I personally hope he lives to be 100 so he can find out what it feels like to be disgraced and incarcerated for his actions.

The deranged Ms. Lahren also took time to blame Democrats for Trump being an overweight buffoon:

“In the spirit of caring, in the spirit of sharing, we should have that same doctor examine folks like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, because they need all the help they can get.”

Speaking of needing help, Tomi: Have you been taking your meds these days? You seem a bit more unhinged than usual.

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Featured Image Via Screen capture.