Trump Campaign Calls CNN ‘Biased’ For Not Airing Ad Which Calls The Network His Enemy


On Tuesday, Donald Trump’s reelection campaign accused CNN of censorship because they said the network denied its offer to buy air time for a campaign ad. But the ad includes pictures of CNN anchors and refers to them as ‘enemies’ so we’re not sure why his campaign thinks the network would air it. Also, Trump retweeted, then deleted a meme this morning of a CNN reporter being killed by a ‘Trump train’ so there’s that, too.








The ad which is titled “Let President Trump Do His Job,” claims that the media is “attacking our president” then displays pictures of news anchors from several news outlets. The enemies’ list includes CNN anchors Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper and Don Lemon. April Ryan, a veteran White House correspondent for the American Urban Radio Networks and a political analyst for CNN, is also included on the list.

“One of the many reasons that so many millions of Americans support President Trump is because of their complete mistrust of the mainstream news media, and the president’s refusal to allow their biased filter to interfere with his messages,” Trump campaign executive director Michael Glassner said in a statement, according to The Hill.

“Today, CNN provided further proof that the network earns this mistrust every day by censoring President Trump’s message to the American people by blocking our paid campaign ad,” he continued to say. “Clearly, the only viewpoint CNN allows on air is CNN’S.”


I thought conservatives said that liberals were the snowflakes. You can’t launch a war on the media then expect the network which is a primary target of Trump’s to air an ad which calls them the ‘enemy.’ Life doesn’t work that way. The ad accuses Democrats of obstruction while touting the economy – an economy he inherited from former President Barack Obama.

We’re thinking instead of concentrating on his reelection while on the job for only 7 months, Trump should focus on his many scandals and plummeting approval ratings. The newest poll shows Trump with a 34 percent approval rating and some of those who responded to the survey did so before the former reality show star’s lackadaisical response to Nazis marching in his name in Charlottesville, Virginia, a rally which resulted in the murder of Heather Heyer, 32, and left 19 others injured. Also, someone please tell Team Trump the definition of censorship. It doesn’t mean what they think it means.

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