Trump Campaign Cohort Gets 7 Years In Prison For Bundy Ranch Standoff


What made those idiots think they could point guns at federal agents without consequences escapes me to this day.

The 2014 standoff between right-wing nutjobs and Bureau of Land Management agents on Cliven Bundy’s Nevada ranch will go down as one of the most hare-brained ideas of all time. Every time I hear someone say that the 2nd Amendment was intended to allow citizens to take up arms against the government, I just want to scream “but they have drones!” Regardless, some people just can’t be taught. But people like that aren’t smart enough on their own to pull something like this off. They need organizers.

That’s where Gerald DeLemus comes in.

A notorious conserva-kook from New Hampshire, “Jerry” DeLemus was the co-chair of NH Veterans for Trump. It was a coalition rounded up by the Trump campaign itself, rather than a grassroots initiative. DeLemus was also chosen as an alternate delegate for Trump at the RNC. But all that came after Jerry cut his teeth organizing his gang of white terrorists. They “stood up” to the BLM agents who descended on Cliven Bundy’s illegal grazing operation in Nevada. Now they’re paying the price.

There’s just too much background on DeLemus — and his wife — to cover here.

But let’s get a few things out of the way. DeLemus:

It was that last point that Judge Gloria Navarro took issue with. She said that the attempted withdrawal of his plea bargain meant he felt no remorse. Clearly he had not learned anything from the case. Accordingly, instead of the 6 years he’d agreed to in his plea, she sentenced him to more than 7 years.

Jerry DeLemus will, ironically, be eligible for Social Security well before he gets out of prison. He’ll just miss the first few years of it.

Featured image via YouTube screen capture