Trump Can’t Help But Broadcast His Increasing Nervousness In Morning Tweet


Pretender president Donald Trump is seriously worried about something. Watching his Twitter feed is a sure-fire way to tell when he is afraid that something big is coming down the pike. He tends to lash out, bash Clinton, and project whatever is on his mind.

Today, the reigning concern seems to be jail. He is calling for the Justice Department to jail former FBI head James Comey and “Crooked Hillary Clinton’s top aid” Huma Abedin specifically.

Kyle Griffin, producer for MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” called it. The head cheeto in charge seems to be suggesting that the Justice Department focus attention on Trump’s political opponents rather than, say, ongoing crimes being committed by Trump? As per the norm, Trump is trying to re-focus attention away from his own criminal behavior.

As Trump lashes out about Abedin and her alleged transgressions and lapses in security, we need to remember that Trump himself has some pretty loose lips. He has spilled the beans on classified intelligence to Russian officials while bragging to them about his superior knowledge. As reported by RawStory from a report at Business Insider:

Trump told the Russian officials about how ISIS terrorists were working to develop a laptop bomb that could pass undetected through airport security — which he boasted had come from Israeli intelligence officials.

That slip-up by Trump may have compromised a valuable component of the Israeli spy network. During the initial disclosure, Trump didn’t tell the Russians where the information came from. He let that information slip out during an open press conference with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu a few days later. Trump felt compelled to defend himself for sharing the information, assuring the Israeli people that it was still safe to share information with him.

Trump maintains that he has the authority to tell the Justice Department how to conduct their day-to-day operations. While he calls for them to investigate his perceived foes, we hope that they continue to investigate the real criminal and his continuing selling of our country.

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