Trump Claims His Barely Half-Filled Rally For Roy Moore Was ‘Packed To The Rafters’ (IMAGES)


The current occupant of the White House blasted fake news at a rally for Alabama Senate candidate and alleged pedophile Roy Moore Friday in Pensacola, Florida, saying, “[CNN] should have been apologizing for the last two years,” then he tweeted out fake news on Saturday claiming that the venue was “packed to the rafters.”

“GREAT EVENING last night in Pensacola, Florida,” the dotard tweeted. “Arena was packed to the rafters, the crowd was loud, loving and really smart. They definitely get what’s going on. Thank you Pensacola!”

Twitter users tweeted Trump photos of the actual crowd size which was not ‘packed to the rafters.”

Speaking of fake news, Breitbart, Fox News, and other conservative outlets ran with the story that Roy Moore’s accuser forged the yearbook which the Alabama Republican candidate signed.

“Did you see what happened today? You know, the yearbook? … There was a little mistake made – she started writing things in the yearbook,” Trump told the crowd.

Moore’s accuser, Beverly Young Nelson, said last month that the Alabama Republican sexually assaulted her when she was 16 and he was a prosecuting attorney in his 30s.

Moore denies ever having known Nelson but his accuser says the yearbook entry shows that they were acquainted.

On Friday, Nelson’s attorney Gloria Allred said that a handwriting analysis had concluded that Moore had signed the yearbook. Nelson made notes at the time of the signing to cite the time and place, but the signature was not forged according to the handwriting expert.

Trump told the crowd last night that Hillary Clinton “lost the election in a landslide” and that, too, is fake news since she handily won the popular vote.

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Photo: White House via Flickr.