Trump Comes Unglued: Every Media Source Is ‘Fake News’ Except For Fox News


CNN retracted and apologized for a story – something which Fox News rarely does, if ever – but alleged president Donald Trump is still raging about it on Twitter.

“Fake News CNN is looking at big management changes now that they got caught falsely pushing their phony Russian stories. Ratings way down!” the amateur president tweeted.

The former reality show star went on to call out every network with the exception of Fox News.

“So they caught Fake News CNN cold, but what about NBC, CBS & ABC? What about the failing @nytimes & @washingtonpost? They are all Fake News!” he wrote.

Mind you, Trump tweeted that just before retweeting Fox and Friends clips, one of which features conspiracy theorist Sean Hannity who blamed former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for Trump’s Russia scandal.

Trump has forgotten about his own administration’s lies and exaggerations. The Bowling Green massacre, his inauguration size, the gazillions of illegal votes cast in 2016, the attack in Sweden that never happened and how his health care plan will cover “all Americans.”

Donald J. Trump is fake news.

Fact check!

Trump lied about Obama’s birth certificate. Trump called Michael Flynn a ‘wonderful man’ after he was forced to resign for lying to vice-president Mike Pence about his contacts with Russian officials. Trump has repeatedly fired officials who were investigating his administration’s alleged ties to Russia, a hostile foreign government. Jeff Sessions had to recuse himself. We suppose that all of his is ‘fake news,’ too.

Get a grip on yourself, Mr. Trump. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. You don’t launch a war with the media and every single U.S. intelligence agency without repercussions.

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