Trump Continues To Veil His Racism With Patriotism And His Supporters Love It


Since hitting the campaign trail, Donald Trump has made one thing abundantly clear:  He doesn’t like it when anyone disagrees with him or points out his transgressions. There is no better support of this fact than Trump’s all out war with the media, attempts to violate their First Amendment rights, and brazen bullying of various press entities.

Americans from “many sides” will agree that Trump’s pompous displays of arrogance towards the media are inappropriate and a smear to the office of commander in chief. Unfortunately, many of the people who displayed outrage over Trump’s disgusting attacks against Mika Brzezinski have been silent as he has gone after Jemele Hill, Colin Kaepernick, and NFL and other public figures who are choosing to protest the very injustices being demonstrated by Trump, by not standing for the National Anthem.

Per the usual, typically via Twitter, Trump has posted some extremely disparaging remarks that call to question whether or not he really understands the true meaning of patriotism:

That’s the short list of tweets Trump has posted in response to people displaying paramount patriotism by respectfully standing up for (or in this case, kneeling) what they believe. Sadly, Trump’s tweets are small when compared to his famous, “son of a b***h” remark:

So even without posting his complete list of tweets and public statements about people who choose not to stand, it’s obvious that the ever uncouth Trump, as well as those who support him, don’t understand patriotism. However, what some, even those who consider themselves liberal, won’t concede to is that the reason why Trump and others take issue with public displays of resistance against things that symbolize America’s history of hate is because of one simple fact. To them, white equals right.

It’s true.

The Confederacy rebelled against the abolitionist movement. That was patriotic. The colonies rebelled against Great Britain. That was super patriotic. The U.S. rebelled against Spain and its allies. That was patriotic. You get the picture. Basically, white America, specifically white male interests that have led to conflict and discord, have always been seen as patriotic. Why isn’t the same true for causes that are important to people whose skin is brown?

Thanks in large part to Donald Trump, America has seen a mass regression to the days when people openly accepted hate and division as the norm. Ironically, just like during those days, protesting injustices is being condemned.

It seems that protesting war and such, are acceptable and deemed patriotic when doing so is the result of a cause sanctioned by the white [male] majority. Inversely, resentment of resistance against racism and other systemic matters and racism are deemed disrespectful.

However, make no mistake:  Protests against the American flag and National Anthem are not about the flag or the song. Moreover, contrary to what Trump and others would like to believe, racism isn’t patriotism.

Watch Trump use Alabama, historically one of the nation’s hotbeds for racial chaos, to make his guilt-tripping, race-baiting remarks about NFL owners who allow their players to protest the National Anthem:

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Featured Image screengrab via Twitter.