Trump Fans Upset After City Council Passes Resolution To Remove Hollywood Walk of Fame Star


Trump supporters are seething after the West Hollywood City Council passed a resolution Monday night to have their president*’s star removed from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, according to the city’s mayor. This resolution is going to drive the QAnon conspiracy whackos, who already believe that everyone in Hollywood runs a child sex slave ring in their basement, over the edge. Oh, and some of the stars are cannibals, according to 45’s cult members. So, the reaction to this unanimous decision should be amusing.

The resolution urges the City of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to remove the star “due to [Trump’s] disturbing treatment of women and other actions.”

“The West Hollywood City Council did not pass the resolution because Donald Trump is a conservative or a Republican,” West Hollywood Mayor Pro Tem John D’Amico told The Wrap. “Earning a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is an honor. When one belittles and attacks minorities, immigrants, people with disabilities or women — the honor no longer exists.”

According to Mayor John Duran, it’s up to the Chamber of Commerce now.

What’s really interesting about the Deplorables’ reaction is that they typically hate Hollywood elites and yet, their president* has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (LOL). But, now that it could be removed, they’re upset (LOL again).

Trump was awarded his star in 2007 and it has been defaced and vandalized numerous times since he has been in office. To be awarded one of these prestigious stars, all it takes is filling out an application and paying a hefty sponsorship fee. Oh, and you have to be famous for at least 5 years, and then it’s up to the selection committee.

This resolution to remove Trump’s star will certainly bother the president*. Last year, Time magazine had to ask the Trump organization to remove fake covers bearing the former reality show star’s image from his golf clubs. It’s unlikely Trump’s star will be removed, though.

OT, but Trump tweeted at 5:30 this morning. I just wanted to point out that his Twitter addiction is getting worse, kthxbye.

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Image: Ryan Parker via Twitter.