Trump ‘Freaked Out’ To See Even Fox News Shredding Him Over Largest Spending Bill Ever Passed


Donald Trump is suffering the same mental anguish that many of his voters have been crippled with since shortly after his inauguration: A serious case of buyer’s remorse.

Those voters are saddled with the knowledge that they helped elect a man who turned out to be an outright criminal, who incompetence is unrivaled by any president in modern history. They have to live with the fact that they’re forever linked to choosing the man that literally every study that does presidential rankings places dead last in all of history.

But Donald Trump is living that nightmare in a way his voters can’t even comprehend, because it is actually he himself who currently has no idea what he’s doing, and he’s smacked in the face by his dumpster fire of an administration daily.

But what makes everything worse for Trump is the fact that he can’t even count on those voters — or even the network that has supported him the most, Fox News — to stick by him when the going gets tough.

Case in point: The spending bill that was just passed by Congress and signed by Trump. It’s the costliest ever written into law, but even that doesn’t generally faze Republicans, so long as they get what they want out of the spending — tax cuts for the rich, obscenely wasteful military funding, personal exemptions for ultra-rich Congress members — and don’t have to give too much to Democrats in return.

But that’s where Trump screwed up. By attempting to rescind DACA, then using that as the one tool the GOP had in its bag to levy against Democrats in the negotiation process, he risked two things: Either Democrats took him up on the first decent deal for undocumented childhood arrivals (which happened, then he took back his deal), or a federal court could find the order to rescind DACA without merit — and that’s what happened in the end.

Now Trump had nothing to negotiate with and gave Democrats nearly everything they asked for in the budget agreement while getting almost nothing in return for Republicans — because that’s what happens when you give up your only leverage.

You might think “the best negotiator” would pick up on something like that in advance.

After the bill was passed and signed, all of the Republicans who expected Trump to get more out of the Democrats and hand over less — no surprise here — turned on him.

And according to a new report from Axios, that’s starting to mess with Trump pretty badly. From the article:

“Sources who’ve discussed it with Trump say it freaked him out to see the array of usually friendly faces on Fox News’ opinion shows ripping into him for signing a bill that spent a ton of money, but gave lots away to liberal priorities and did little for his signature promise to build a wall.”

Even that is a generous statement — the bill allocated zero money for the wall, with any “border security” funds locked away from being used for any concrete structures.

Fences only.

Trump swung for the fences, and he hit them. Now it’s Donnie’s turn to cry.

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