Trump Gives A Shoutout To His ‘Haters’ After Sending Out Unhinged Morning Tweets


Donald Trump kicked off his Tuesday morning to unleash some panic-tweets after the House Judiciary Committee chairman, Jerry Nadler (D-NY), sent out document requests to 81 individuals in the so-called president’s orbit. The committee said that the investigation will focus on three main issues: whether Trump obstructed justice by interfering with criminal investigations; potential corruption such as violation of campaign and financial reporting laws, possible misuse of office for personal gain; and abuses of power to include misuse of the pardon power and attacks on the press, judiciary and law enforcement agencies.

All Trump had to do was release his taxes and none of this would have happened, but the lack of transparency in his administration has sent out red flags.

His Twitter timeline this morning is absolutely bonkers.

And then, of course, he went all Republican-caps.

Then, he gave a shout out to his haters. Take that, you guys.

Twitter users unleashed hell on Trump.

Trump divides this country daily then expects Democrats to back him and his insane policies. The Art Of The No Deal, you guys. What a master negotiator.

What an embarrassment to this once-great country.

Featured image via screen capture.