Trump Gives Female Reporter A Taste Of What Life Must Be Like For Melania: ‘QUIET!’


Donald Trump got to attend one of his favorite kinds of gatherings on Monday: A photo-op. He was joined by White House interns for an impromptu session, which the press was invited to as well. And there, in front of more than a hundred young faces eagerly turned to him for example, Trump once again shushed a reporter for asking a question he didn’t want to answer.

NBC News tweeted video of the encounter, in which the reporter asks first about Attorney General Jeff Sessions and then about health care:

You can just imagine Trump smirking to “the guys” at Trump National Golf Club as Melania tries to get a word in edgewise.

The president’s comments to the youngsters are in character for a man who believes his office makes him more important than anyone else. Rolling his eyes. he magnanimously confides in them the “secret” that the press is supposed to be quiet during photo sessions, that the reporter, identified as the AP’s Catherine Lucey, has broken “the code.”

There is no such code, of course. Even if there were, with Trump dodging questions constantly, the press has little choice but to ask them at any available opportunity. And if Lucey’s colleagues are to be believed, she has no intention of stopping:

Trump has never displayed any hesitancy to tell someone to shut up. Back in February, Trump told a Jewish reporter to sit down and shut up after asking apparently too complicated a question for the president’s taste. CNN’s Jim Acosta, also a frequent target of White House attacks, is no stranger either. But there’s something about the way he condescends to women that seems even more arrogant, as NBC’s Katy Tur remembers:

No matter the situation, Trump believes he’s above it. Answer your question? Trump doesn’t think so.

Featured image via video screen capture

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