Trump Launches Mother Of All Tweetstorms, Threatens Whistleblower With ‘Big Consequences’


Donald Trump took some time off from retweeting his Fox News sycophants, then came back with fury to say that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., should be “questioned at the highest level for Fraud & Treason.” The “president” may not have mastered many skills in life but he’s very good at projection. Trump just unleashed quite a tweetstorm, including accusing “do nothing Democrats of harming “our Country.” So, if they “do nothing'” then how are they doing something to harm our country, you absolute pathetic walnut?

Trump seems a bit shaken, and demanded to meet with the whistleblower whose complaint opened the floodgates for an impeachment inquiry. Then, he threatened him or her with “big consequences” which doesn’t make him look guilty at all.

Here we go:

Sure, it’s the checks and balances who are treasonous and not the one who openly commits treason. When Trump is impeached or resigns, it should be made a national holiday. The chaos he creates on a daily fucking basis proves he’s unfit for office. Now, please go fuck yourself, Mr. “President” sir, after all, Melania won’t.

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Featured image via screen capture.