Trump Loses His Mind Again Over Comey Book, Even Brings Mike Flynn Back Into It (TWEETS)

Trump: Michael Vadon via Flickr

Everyone remembers how Trump’s disgraced National Security Adviser Michael Flynn went from being a decorated Four Star General to flipping on the man-baby “president” in order to avoid decades in federal lock up. Now that the FBI Director Trump fired in order to try and stop the probe into his campaign’s shady dealings with the Russian government has released a book that contains all the juicy details on just how sleazy and corrupt Trump is – from Russian hookers to obstruction of justice – Trump is really panicking now that the noose is tightening around his neck, and it shows.

In an early morning Twitter rant, Trump goes off on how Flynn is wrapped up in a federal investigation while Comey basks in the spotlight as he does a press tour to both promote his book and warn the American people about just what kind of man Trump is. Trump tweeted in an unhinged, grammatical mess of a tirade:

Trump, if anyone is shady in all of this, it is you. You’re the one who showed James Comey right away, before you were even sworn into office, that you had absolutely no respect for the role of the FBI and the FBI Director with regards to the line that must exist between institutions of justice and the White House. You showed this man of integrity your lack thereof, and you made sure he understood that you wanted his loyalty to be to you, rather than to the rule of law. Michael Flynn showed where his loyalties were as well – and they weren’t to the oath he took when he joined the military and swore to protect this great nation from the likes of men like you.

In short, if any lives have been destroyed, it’s on you and Michael Flynn. I hope you toss and turn every night and grow ever more unhinged until you finally crack and the men in white coats carry you off.

Featured image via Michael Vadon via Flickr