Trump-Loving Preacher Calls For Removing Democrats From Office By Force (VIDEO)


Right-wing evangelical preacher Lance Wallnau, one of Donald Trump’s vocal supporters, says all leftists are Nazis who must be removed from office.

Wallnau, who claims that Trump was anointed by God as POTUS, streamed a video Thursday on his Periscope site, calling on conservative Christians to mobilize for the 2018 elections in order to “literally remove every leftist from a position of government influence” because the Nazis are on the march.

“We are going to lose America if we don’t actually mobilize,” Wallnau warned. “We’ve got the people and we’ve got the momentum. I’ll tell you where it starts—I hate to say it, but you have to literally remove every leftist from a position of government influence where they open the door to advance their lawless utopia … We’re going to have to smash that. You start with the political. You have got to take those political offices. You have to because you have to dismantle the apparatus of where power can come in through the top, to the courts and legislation.”

Obviously, Wallnau is not a student of history. Everyone knows that the Nazis were right of center in 1930s European politics. And Wallnau’s rails against all of the people who Hitler despised, many of whom the Nazi leader sent to the gas chambers.

Wallnau, who has been discredited as a false prophet, is a “driving force behind the Seven Mountain Mandate that seeks to take “dominion” over seven designated areas of culture including, religion, family, education, government, media, arts & entertainment, and business.” He claims that all of Trump’s critics are “demonically confused” and out to destroy him.

Not only has this false prophet called the women protesting Trump minions of Satan., he is no fan of Trump’s Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner. The Texas preacher also has never met a conspiracy he couldn’t embrace, convinced that an “anointed” cake baked by an ex-hooker turned a gay man straight.

What is bliss like, Pastor Wallnau?

Watch the video:

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