Trump Named Most Dangerous Person On The Internet, Beating Out Terrorists & Hackers


America’s Tweeter-in-Chief has been named the most dangerous person on the internet in 2017, according to Wired, one of the world’s leading techie magazines.

Donald Trump tops Wired‘s list of the world’s most dangerous online personas for the third year in a row, using his Twitter for a myriad of perilous reasons including his autocratic attempt to “erode Americans’ trust in the media” by discrediting our First Amendment press. In Trump’s imagined world of absolute power, the free press is nothing more than “fake news” when it dares to print the truth about him and his presidency.

Trump has been using his Twitter page as a “bully” pulpit for years, going after anyone he doesn’t like and the multitude of people who don’t like him. He’s also used it to tell yuuuuge whoppers about his supposed wealth ranking and sell everyone on his vulgar, pretentious family brand. But since the Donald assumed the duties of the Oval Office, he’s been using his Twitter page to fan the flames of hatred, bigotry, and racism; to spread fake news and anti-Muslim videos; even to undermine the diplomatic efforts of his own State Department “by taunting and threatening” North Korea’s dictator into potential nuclear war.

As Wired reports, “Trump remains a solipsistic bully and a temperamental, pathological and systematic liar—one who’s able to issue his threats, insults, and lies directly to millions of people from the smartphone in his pocket.”

Trump and everyone on his trainwreck may call this a “winning” philosophy, but the rest of world does not see it that way. In the real world, the short-fingered vulgarian is considered to be such a menacing online presence that he beat out all other dangerous people for #1 online spot, including ISIS, Lazarus and Sandworm hackers, and notorious white supremacist leaders.

The online peril is strong with Donald Trump.

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