Trump Pal Says Deluded Donnie Thinks WH Is Running Like A ‘Smooth Machine’

Image via screen capture.

It must be pretty warm wherever it is that Trump’s brain lives lately. At first it seemed like Trump was on a constant mission to just gaslight America, like he knew all of the things he said for his first year in office were garbage, but he wanted to push a narrative anyway.

Now we know that he’s straight up out of his mind.

He really does believe that all kinds of lawyers are dying for the kind of exposure working for him would bring them. He honestly thinks that poll numbers and crowd sizes are “fake news.”

Perhaps most troublingly of all, Trump truly supposes that he is innocent — of corruption, of conspiracy, of obstruction… And even of the extramarital affairs he is clearly not innocent of.

But what that means to the people who work for and around him is something different entirely, because they don’t live in the little world in Donnie’s head. The chaos, infighting, leaks, turnover, and subterfuge in the Trump White House are absolutely unprecedented, and although the staff — and Trump’s Cabinet — feels it all keenly, Trump himself is oblivious.

That’s why when his pal Christopher Ruddy, the CEO of Newsmax, said that Trump thinks everything is fine, he meant that Trump said exactly that in his own words:

“He told me he thinks the White House is operating like a smooth machine — his words. He did say that he’s expecting to make one or two major changes to his government very soon and that’s going to be it.”

There’s plenty of speculation as to what those changes will be, with most people thinking that the next to get the ax will be VA Secretary David Shulkin, who’s been battling some conspiracies of his own.

But nothing on Stormy Daniels? After all, the interview coming Sunday night on 60 Minutes could effectively end the presidency.

The most he’s done there is to tell associates that he actually thinks it’s all a hoax being used by his political enemies to bring him down. From somewhere on a sandy beach in his brain’s limbic system, Trump’s superego actually had the audacity to ask what his friend thought the Stormy tale on television would do to his poll numbers.

Row that boat ashore, Donnie. The real world is calling you.

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Featured image via screen capture