Trump Says It Will Be ‘Fun’ To Meet The Families Of The Shooting Victims In Texas (VIDEO)


Liddle Donald Trump spoke with reporters today before heading off to Houston to visit the families of shooting victims. The former reality show star explained that he was going to have ‘fun’ on the trip before speaking of North Korea and the economy.

“We’re going to Dallas and Houston and we will have a little fun today,” Trump said before flying to Houston to meet with the grieving family members of the 10 victims killed during a recent mass shooting at a Santa Fe High School last month.


Because meeting with grieving parents who lost their child due to gun violence is hella fun. 13 others were wounded. The deceased include eight students and two substitute teachers.

Trump’s initial response to the school shooting in Texas was “not looking good.”

“School shooting in Texas. Early reports not looking good. God bless all!” he tweeted at the time.

In February, Trump held a listening session with survivors of the mass school shooting in Florida and cameras captured the note he held in his hand. He apparently needed to be reminded to say “I hear you” to the teenage survivors.

So far, Republicans have blamed abortion, video games, doors, porn, drugs, the media, mental health, schools, and backpacks for school shootings. But it’s never guns.

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Image via screen capture.