Trump Supporters Outraged Trump Is Doing Exactly What He Campaigned On


While on the campaign trail and as president-elect*, Donald Trump vowed to negotiate several U.S. free trade agreements, claiming that they were poorly negotiated and resulted in millions of Americans losing jobs. And then, as president,* the former reality show star said, “Trade wars are good, and easy to win.” This was a very real thing with Trump while he campaigned. On Tuesday, Trump was forced to bail out soybean farmers to the tune of $12 billion because of Trump’s trade war, and you know most of that will go to Big Agriculture and not the farmers.

CNN spoke with the president of the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association Wednesday and he didn’t seem too happy about Trump doing exactly what he said he’d do if he got into office. Trump supporters think his awful policies are OK until they hurt them.

Michael Petefish, a big Trump supporter, said that he may not vote for the former reality show star in 2020 if the current trade disputes aren’t fixed.

Petefish told CNN host Poppy Harlow that the “the jury’s still out on that” when asked about the 2020 presidential election.

“Timing is critical on this trade deal,” he continued. “If, in three or five years we have a better trade agreement, that won’t matter to most farmers because we’re hurting financially now and we won’t have the ability to run our businesses in the red for the next several years.”

“The trade needs to get fixed now,” he added.

Petefish continued to say that “$12 billion damage is just sort of scratching the surface of the economic impact” and added that an argument could be made that the trade war has caused $12 billion worth of damage to soybean farmers alone.

“What’s concerning is the future,” Petefish said. “Are we going to keep pumping $12 billion into the farming economy?”


As Tengrain at Crooks & Liars notes, Trump’s trade war is being retaliated against red states and companies are not doing well at all.

Harley-Davidson has cut its forecast as a result of the European Union’s retaliation

American companies that make things with steel are laying off workers left and right and that Missouri nail company could go out of business by Labor Day.

Soybean farmers have taken a 20 percent hit to their income thanks to China targeting them in counterattacks.

Somehow I’m OK with red states being targeted since they voted for that thing that is currently occupying the White House.

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