Trump Supporters Somehow Think That Hillary Clinton Murdered Kate Spade Just Because (TWEETS)


Warning: This story is going to be really hard to follow because these people are out of their fucking minds. That said, let’s delve into the minds of Trump supporters who believe there are child sex slave rings which don’t really exist (they also believe that Pizzagate is for reals) and that it all somehow connects to Hillary Clinton, the woman who lives in their heads rent free.

Somehow, Trump supporters believe that Hillary killed Kate Spade, the fashion designer who was found dead Tuesday in what police characterized as a suicide by hanging. Spade, 55, hanged herself with a scarf. And before anyone says that’s weird so it had to be Hillary’s fault, an old friend of mine died exactly the same way. Her husband found her and had to cut her down as she hanged from a scarf.

Right now, there is a militia-style group called Veterans on Patrol, headed up by a guy who has never served in the military, who has descended on an abandoned homeless camp in Tuscon, Arizona, because they think there’s a child sex slave ring there, even though police had to bring in cadaver dogs to prove that it didn’t exist, but they refuse to believe it. These conspiracy theorists are obsessed with pedophiles FOR SOME REASON. The group’s Facebook page displays a ragtag group of amateurish individuals who are just begging for attention. We’re not going to get into their little adventure in Tuscon which is draining the local police department’s resources, but the people who support this insane group, also think that Hillary killed Ms. Spade.

It wasn’t a suicide, apparently. Hillary snuck into her apartment in Manhattan and killed her, just because.



There are a lot more tweets about Hillary’s alleged latest rampage, but y’all get the point. This all started with ‘QAnon,’ 4Chan’s latest conspiracy theory that is absolutely batshit crazy. You can read about QAnon and the ‘The Storm’ here but take an aspirin first. You’re going to need it.

Keep in mind that these are the same people who don’t believe Trump and his team colluded with Russia even though they’ve had an unprecedented amount of contacts with dubious Russian figures.

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