Trump Supporters: We Know He’s Totally F-cked Up But ‘We Just Don’t Care’


According to a Monmouth University poll, the majority of Trump supporters think their president can do no wrong. This CNN graphic tells it all:

Trump himself summed up his mindless followers’ attitudes while running for office (watch):

Raw Story quotes such a follower, a 58-year-old autoworker from Michigan named Brian Pannebecker (pictured with Dear Leader below), puts it this way:

[Trump is] a flawed human being, a narcissist, an egomaniac, he exaggerates, embellishes, but we true Trump supporters don’t care, we just don’t care, because … they are all liars and perverts and sex maniacs. Congress is full of them.

In other words, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

It’s clear that the “forgotten” Americans – the white, middle-aged, male, under-employed, low-information, self-entitled Rust Belt and Bible Belt conservatives – see in Trump their champion against elitists on the Left, even though he’s a card-carrying member of the 1% of the population who owned 40% of the country’s wealth in 2012 and even more today.

Why do Trump adherents hate the Left? Take the attitudes of perhaps the most black-and-white group from the Trump camp – fundamentalist Christians – who describe liberals like this:

  • pro-abortion
  • anti “traditional” marriage
  • weak on crime
  • immoral due to lack of Christian values
  • anti-Israeli
  • anti-military
  • pro-immigrant
  • anti-business
  • socialist

The list could go on and on, but the point is that Trump seizes on these beliefs and promotes them in his rallies, Tweets, executive orders, and official speeches. His supporters are only too glad to go along because in their mind, Trump is sticking it to the Left, and they don’t care how he does it, even though we’re all on the same sinking ship of state.

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Images via screen capture.