Trump Thinks His Insane Fox And Friends Interview Was So Good, He’s Going To Do It Monthly (VIDEO)


White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said that Donald Trump had such “a great time” giving hid 30-minute off-the-rails interview on “Fox and Friends” Thursday that he wants to do it on a monthly basis.“The president has said he would like to perhaps come once a month and as news breaks,” Conway said. “He’ll keep us guessing.” We really hope this comes to fruition. Trump admitted to things he previously denied and hours after his interview, his words were used against him in court.


“The president wanted to do that,” Conway said. “The president had a great time bringing his case to the American people, as he does on social media and these bilateral Q&As and certainly on the South Lawn and press pool sprays and other interviews, and the president said he would like to perhaps come once a month as news breaks.”

Trump’s interview was widely panned. Even the hosts on the show tried to intervene in an attempt to get him to shut up as he made himself appear to be completely unhinged. The hosts couldn’t get a word in. He said random things that seemed to come out of nowhere. “You know, one of the reasons people say you’re still looking good, Mr. President. How do you do it?” he said. He brought up Kanye West, the fact he didn’t get his wife a birthday present yesterday, yelled at the Justice Department, former FBI Director James Comey, the ‘fake news’ media, and well, you get the picture.

But, he did admit that his attorney Michael Cohen represented him in the Stormy Daniels’ case, something which he previously denied. And on Melania’s birthday.


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Image via screen capture.