Trump Tower Just Burst Into Flames And No One Gives A Single F*ck


On Monday morning something happened that didn’t necessarily give people hope that things will be getting better anytime soon, but it sure made a lot of people feel a lot better about the disastrous Trump presidency at least for a few minutes. Trump Tower in New York City did an impression of his presidency.

Firefighters responded within minutes and the fire — located inside a HVAC system in the 68-floor building — was quickly extinguished, but the images of smoke billowing from the top of President Stable Genius’ precious tower lives on in the hearts and minds of Americans:

Three were injured in the blaze — a firefighter when debris fell on him, an engineer who refused treatment, and a civilian who ignored his fellow Americans’ warnings not to go near anything with the Trump name on it.

As Americans celebrate the beautiful moment Trump Tower went up in flames, his presidency continues to do the same thing. Now if only Trump himself would consider making the self-immolation he does verbally every day into a reality.

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Featured image via screengrab