Trump Voters Tell CNN They Cannot Figure Out ‘What Is Going On’ In His Mind


It turns out that people who voted for Donald Trump are just as confused as the rest of us when it comes to wondering why the head of state is spending large portions of his day attacking football players while Puerto Rico continues to suffer from a devastating hurricane that hit last week.

A panel of Trump voters appeared on CNN Tuesday morning and the overall consensus seemed to be that Trump has been harsher in his language about NFL players exercising their free speech rights than he was about neo-Nazis in Charlottesville. Mark O’Brien commented:

“That is a huge concern of mine. What is going on in that man’s mind?”

Jordan Jacquay echoed O’Brien’s remarks:

“A lot of what happened yesterday was in response to what our president said, being very unpresidential, using the term ‘son of a bitch.’ I believe if we’re going to continue being the country we are, we have to allow for dissenting opinion.”

That led host Alisyn Camerota to ask Trump supporter Payton Isner why he thought the president was eager to attack black football players but reticent to use the same language about domestic terrorists. Isner replied:

“I wish I knew. It completely baffles me.”

Isner also noted that he couldn’t understand why Trump felt the need to keep the debate over NFL protests going when Puerto Rico is facing the worst natural disaster in a century.

Trump did finally address the matter of Puerto Rico on Tuesday, tweeting out this tepid message of support:

But then he went right back to football:

It’s starting to look like Trump is creating a racial fissure in this country that he can exploit for political purposes. A report from The Wall Street Journal says that Trump told conservatives who attended a dinner at the White House Monday evening that the issue “has really taken off.”

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Featured Image Via CNN Screengrab