Trump’s Budget Contains Yet Another Massive Conflict Of Interest: Golf Courses

Yet another conflict of interest for Trump.


The House version of Donald “The Duffer” Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (aka “Cut Cut Cut Act”) includes a clause that gives golf course owners a tax break worth millions of dollars. Add this to abolition of the estate tax, slashed corporate tax rates, and other advantages for the super wealthy to the list of Trump’s conflicts of interest.

The clause provides non-taxable easements to property owners who leave land undeveloped for conservation purposes. Usually farmers, ranchers, and the like take advantage of this write-off, but now golf course owners like Trump – who owns or brands 19 – can continue to use it to boost their profits.

Here’s the obvious problem with this: wildlife and fauna like this little fella from the movie Caddyshack are unwelcome on golf courses.

This stance is also yet another repudiation by Trump of President Obama’s policies. Here’s what Ruth Madrigal, a conservation tax lawyer for the U.S. Treasury department during his administration, had to say about it:

The Obama administration wanted to cut the deduction because it viewed the policy’s costs in total as far exceeding the conservation benefits.

Case in point: golf courses waste a lot of water. Precious water resources are diverted to providing them lush, green grass, especially in places like this:

See all the desert in the background? Even in California, despite drought after drought, the top user of water is golf courses:

Not only that, but yet another tax cut for the wealthy adds to the deficit.

This may all seem common sensical, but in Trump’s bizarro world of lies, flat out lies, and damn dirty lies, his supporters no doubt see it another way, even if they’ve never swung a club in their lives.

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Featured image via screen capture.