Trump’s DHS Secretary Just Came Down With Mysterious Case Of Amnesia While Under Oath (VIDEO)


Donald Trump is twisting himself into a racist pretzel to fend off from the backlash after he disparaged African nations and Haiti as ‘shithole countries.’ On Tuesday, Trump claimed that he wants immigrants coming to the U.S. from “everywhere.” However, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) heard Trump’s ‘shithole’ remarks, and so did Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) while the former reality show star’s staunchest allies have come down with a remarkable case of amnesia.

One such person stricken with this mysterious affliction is Trump’s U.S. Department of Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen who on Tuesday claimed that she did not hear her boss’s racist comments.

Durbin pressed Nielson on her failed memory, after all, she was in attendance at the meeting about immigration.

“Things were said at that meeting we have to address,” Durbin said during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday.

“How did he characterize those countries in Africa?” Durbin asked.

“I don’t specifically remember a categorization of countries in Africa,” Nielsen responded. “I think what he was saying is, as far as best I could tell… let’s move away from the countries and let’s look at the individual.”

Durbin went on to say that Nielsen told Fox News that she heard Trump using “strong language” during that meeting.

“What was that language?” he asked.

“Uh, apologies, I don’t remember specific words,” she replied.

Durbin noted that Graham had criticized Trump over his remarks about Africa and Haiti.

“His ‘strong words’ repeated exactly the words used by the president, which you cannot remember,” Durbin said.


Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) also asked Nielson about Trump’s remarks.

“Last week in the Oval Office, president trump reportedly said the most vulgar and racist things I’ve ever heard a president of either party utter,” he said. “In fact, I’ve never heard any president, Republican or Democrat, utter anything even similar. Now he denies using the specific word. There’s been some saying maybe he used a different word, maybe he didn’t. Madame Secretary, you were in the room. You’re under oath. Did president trump use this word or a substantially similar word to describe certain countries?”

Nielsen said while under oath that she “did not hear that word used.”

“That’s not the question,” Leahy shot back. “Did he use anything similar to that, describing certain countries?”

“The conversation was very impassioned,” Nielson insisted. “I don’t dispute that the president was using tough language. Others in the room were also using tough language.”

Again, she was under oath and still couldn’t seem to give a straight answer. She’s saying that Trump used ‘tough language’ but she can’t remember what he said. Sure, Jan!

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Image via screen capture.