Trump’s Fascism Spreads: Schools Now Force Kids To Stand For Anthem Or Face Penalties


The assertion that Donald Trump is a white supremacist isn’t without merit. He has repeatedly attacked Muslims and Latinxs, he has been sued for not renting to people with brown skin, he didn’t condemn the KKK when they publicly endorsed him, and the list goes on.

Adding insult to Trump’s already injurious acts have been his deplorable response to the tragic events in Charlottesville and his recent attacks on people (specifically professional athletes) who choose to exercise their First Amendment rights by not standing for the national anthemWhen juxtaposed with Trump’s pattern of saying he whatever wants, whenever he wants, and however he wants, his assault on people protesting the “Star Spangled Banner,” comes across as being in line with other white supremacist behavior he has displayed.

Now it seems that Trump’s views and those who support them have gone from disgusting white supremacy to outright Nazi-like behavior. Much like Hitler sought to control the people of Germany by managing what they saw, heard, and learned, it appears as if school districts around America are buying into Trump’s call that it be mandatory for people to stand for the anthem.

According to Shaun King, Parkway High, a public 5A school in Bossier City, Louisiana, has threatened student-athletes’ playing time and/or team membership if pupils choose not to stand for the Star Spangled Banner:

After his tweet was posted, people responded with strong opinions:

One astute individual well-versed in Supreme Court precedent shared this gem:

Others chimed in and agreed that forcing students to stand or punishing them, is an abomination:

It seems Donald Trump’s demands for the “blind loyalty” referenced above are taking America further and further down and extremely dangerous path.

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Featured image screengrab via YouTube.