Trump’s New Inauguration Photo Has An ‘Alternative Date’ Problem (IMAGE)


On Tuesday, Trump was excited to receive a panoramic photo of his inauguration from Panoramic Visuals, which he plans to display in the White House press hall — another apparent attempt to dispute reports that show his inauguration crowd was relatively small.

He was also thrilled to share the image with his Twitter followers:

But there’s a yuuuge error on this photo. Can you see it?

It’s got the wrong date.

The photo is dated January 21, 2017, the day hundreds of thousands of anti-Trump protesters marched in favor of women’s rights in Washington, DC. The presidential inauguration was the day before.

Perhaps Trump was too busy counting the people in the photo to notice the mistake.

The Twitterverse, however, was fast to spot it — and couldn’t wait to let him know.

Donald Trump has been trying to defend the size of his inauguration crowd for days now. While he estimates the crowd at 1 million, maybe even 1.5, facts say different. And so do images.

Not so fast says President Trump and his team; we’ve got “alternative facts.” And now they’ve got alternative dates because, it seems, 21 is the new 20.

Featured image via screen capture.