Trump’s ‘Very Fine People’ Are Planning Another Armed Nazi March With Torches


Everyone remembers how well the ‘Unite the Right’ hate-rally went down in Charlottesville, Virginia this past August. Trump supporting Nazis stormed down the streets carrying Tiki torches while the world watched in horror. The rally resulted in the murder of Heather Heyer and 19 others were injured after a Nazi used his car as a weapon to mow down anti-racist protesters in the street.

Well, Trump’s ‘very fine people’ are holding another torch march on December 28th in Charlotte, N.C. The group is branding itself as “anti-communist” and claims its mission is to defend communities against “leftist terrorists and rioters” according to the Charlotte Observer.

Anticom is encouraging its members to take their “torches, guns, armor, gear and flags” to Charlotte. “Stay nonviolent, and we’ll have a great time,” Anticom said in its announcement on Facebook and Twitter.

There is no communism in the U.S., by the way.

Scheduled speakers for the “March Against Communism” include Richard Spencer, co-editor of, who retweeted the Charlotte announcement to his 74,000 followers on Thursday, and he is the same ‘man’ who organized the Nazi rally in Charlottesville which turned deadly.

We consider it an honor that the group hates our site, as does Ann Coulter, thankyouverymuch. By the way, we will be there to protest the Nazi rally in December.

‘RWDS’ means right-wing death squads.

According to the paper, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police spokesman Rob Tufano said that he could not confirm until Monday whether the group has a permit for the march and rally.

Meanwhile, the so-called president blew his dog whistle loudly last night in Alabama. While he blamed ‘both sides’ for the violence in Charlottesville, he had no issues in calling Colin Kaepernick who has taken a knee during the National Anthem in a form of protest over police brutality against African-Americans a “son of a bitch.” He then called for the NFL to fire those who decide to take a knee. We’re not sure why he threw that into his speech while stumping for Luther Strange but it’s probably because he was in a deep-red Southern state.

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Image via screen capture via Vice video.