Twitter Fail: Trump Tweets Wrong Ivanka, Woman’s Response Was Excellent (TWEETS)


If you told anyone two years ago that a washed-up reality tv host star and alleged serial rapist who sends mean tweets on Twitter all day would be the next President of the United States, you would probably get laughed at for about an hour. Alas, that is what America is about to deal with in just two days.

Proving that he has about as much knowledge of social media as he does civics and governance, President-elect Trump accidentally tweeted at a United Kingdom Brighton council worker instead of his daughter. It turns out that her name is Ivanka too, but she’s far from the daughter that Trump wants to date.

Ivanka Majic, a  council worker from Brighton, Britain unfortunately found herself at the center of a social media brouhaha after Orange Foolious quoted praise for his daughter including the @Ivanka handle, rather than @IvankaTrump. It seems the the tweet message has since been shared by 4,800 people and “liked” by 25,000 more.  But the woman’s response was epic.


This poor woman probably had no idea that she would wake up to the frightening news that she’s not only a Trump, but that she’s getting bombarded with his infinite supply of deplorables and their totally incoherent and psychotic tweets. One user tweeted the following:

“Hi Ivanka! Surprise – you’re famous!” said one Twitter user. Another responded: “England isn’t far enough, poor girl, she went to sleep a Majic and woke up a Trump.”

But kudos to the wrong Ivanka for pointing out that Trump is a complete and utter assclown who could care less about such pressing issues as climate change. For example, Trump once tweeted in 2012 that the “concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive”.

Yes, a planetary issue that has been accepted as not only fact by the most renowned scientists in the world, but almost unfixable. Trump would later recant saying that at one of the presidential debates and has since waffled on the issue.

It’s buffoonery like this that explains why a majority of Americans want Trump off Twitter. Seriously, Melania needs to confiscate his phone and make him promise to only grab one pussy a week and he can get it back.

Featured image via screen capture