Twitter Has To Remind Trump It’s The Anniversary Of 9/11 Attacks As He Rages Over Poll Numbers


Donald Trump was up until 1:30 in the morning taking a victory lap on Twitter after a Republican narrowly won a gerrymandered district in a special election in North Carolina. The re-do election in the 9th district, by the way, took place after Republicans were busted committing election fraud.  The winner last night, Dan Bishop, cost the state billions over his transphobic ‘bathroom bill.’

18 years ago today, the single deadliest terrorist attack in human history occurred, taking nearly 3,000 lives, but Trump is busy yelling at CNN and MSNBC, tweeting about China and tariffs, retweeting Fox News pundits, and screaming that the Federal Reserve should bring its “interest rates down to ZERO, or less” which is a mind-bogglingly stupid idea.

And then he lashed out over a new ABC News/Washington Post poll that was released Tuesday, showing Trump’s approval rating at 38 percent among Americans, with 56 percent disapproving of his performance in the White House. But, there are actually three polls showing Trump’s approval rating dropping below 40 percent.

Trump chose the anniversary of 9/11 to throw a hissy-fit over what he called a “suppression” poll because of his unfavorable numbers.

Twitter users were not amused:

We suppose it’s better than this one from 2013:






Trump did, however, tweet a 9/11 photo of himself with his wife, saying “We Will Never Forget” and then, the former reality show star promptly forgot.

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Featured image via screen capture.