Twitter Users Respond To ‘Bozo’ Lara Trump For Posting Deceptive Map Daring People To ‘Impeach This’


Lara Trump, the insufferable wife of the ridiculously stupid Eric Trump, sent out a tweet that displayed an image splashed in red with the words, “Try to impeach this” in reference to her father-in-law who is now under scrutiny over his latest scandal. Lara doesn’t seem to understand that Democrats didn’t announce an impeachment inquiry because of a map – it’s because of a lawless “president” who is being reigned in over an alarming whistleblower complaint. Liddle Lara is the host of Trump Production’s ‘Real News Update’ that is more like a state-run Tv ‘news’ show. So she’s good at propaganda – but she didn’t do so well on Twitter as she seems to think that vast areas of empty land represent voters.

Twitter users took her to the woodshed.

Maybe Lara should go back to her manor and look down at the little people – the nearly 3 million people who voted for her father-in-law’s opponent. Then, she should go sit in a corner and think about what she did wrong.

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Featured image via screen capture.