WATCH: Big Fat Lie Convinced Many Brits To Leave EU (VIDEO)

Big Lie Convinced Many Brits To Leave EU
Big Fat Lie Convinced Many Brits To Leave EU. Image: Sarah Joy via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs.

In the middle of the night, Britain left the European Union [EU]. It was not a quiet move, no. It happened as nearly half of England and most of Wales and Scotland sent up cries of dismay. Then, to top off this, Prime Minister David Cameron decided to resign. Nigel Farage was a big pro-Brexit [Britain Exit] fan, but now he’s having second thoughts on leaving the EU.

Farage said that it was a “mistake” when he appeared on Good Morning Britain. Why?

The show’s host asked if he still supported the promise that the 350 million pounds saved would go to the National Healthcare Services [NHS], according to US Uncut. He answered:

No I can’t, and I would have never made that claim. It was one of the mistakes I think the ‘leave’ campaign made.

Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid asked Farage:

Do you think there are other things that people will wake up this morning and find out aren’t going to happen?

This is how their conversation went:

REID: The £350 million pounds a week we send to the EU, which we will no longer send to the EU. Can you guarantee that will go to the NHS?

FARAGE: No I can’t, and I would never have made that claim, and that was one of the mistakes that I think the leave campaign made–

REID: Wait a moment. That was one of your adverts.

FARAGE: Well, it wasn’t one of my adverts, I can assure you.

REID: Well it was one of the Leave campaign’s adverts, was that that money was going to the NHS.

FARAGE: And I think they made a mistake.

REID: That’s why many people had voted.

FARAGE: They made a mistake in doing that, but what I can tell you, is that we have a nice feather bed–

REID: You’re saying after 17 million people had voted for Leave, based, I don’t know how many people voted based on that advert, but that was a huge part of the propaganda, you’re now saying that’s a mistake.


Watch the video here:

Featured Image: Sarah Joy via Flickr, Creative Commons License.
H/T: US Uncut.