Watch: Black Man Has The Audacity To Dance, NYPD Bravely Takes Him Down


The NYPD decided to step in when a man had the audacity to dance. Alexander BOK, a YouTube prankster, uploaded a video of the brave cops who took him down after he took part in the dance challenge by TV personality Ellen Degeneres.

We’re talking about New York here, where people piss in the street, yet this man was having fun and was demeaned, then thrown down.

Free Thought Project reports.

The premise for the #DanceDare is simple, dance behind someone without them noticing.

Most of these interactions simply make people smile, or at worst walk away. However, when YouTube personality, Alexander BOK attempted this playful stunt behind an NYPD officer, he was accosted and assaulted.

BOK was thrown against an NYPD van while a hand is seen clinching his neck. BOK is frisked because dancing is bad.

“What are you dancing in the street for?, one officer asks.

“Are you a fucking asshole?”, the cop remarks.

The cop tells BOK, ‚ÄúTake a f*cking walk,” as he tosses him on the street.

Watch: has a more detailed report on this incident here.

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