WATCH: Brutal Killer Bunny Prank Is Scariest And Best Thing You’ll See Today


Nothing beats a good prank. Especially when you’re trying to drown out the sound of Donald Trump being endorsed by the National Rifle Association. See there? I tied this into politics. This is totally legitimate I swear.

Scare pranks are always the greatest, so long as you aren’t the prankee. When I saw the words brutal killer bunny, I knew it had to be good. The only thing disappointing is it’s not the Donnie Darko bunny.

Yes. That's the Donnie Dark bunny.
Yes. That’s the Donnie Dark bunny.

But what gets me about pranks like these are the reactions of the people. For instance, the first victim. Oh sure, he’s scared alright. But, he manages to hold on to the pizza warmer he’s carrying. WTF? If that’s me being chased by a terrifying blood covered Easter bunny, please be assured I’m throwing everything down and running. That or crawl in a corner and cry. Domino’s should award him employee of the year for saving the equipment.

What also gets me is that the prank is done to a driver on a dark road. Here’s what I don’t get. This person is driving along the road and is stopped by a deranged Easter Bunny standing in the middle of the road. What do they do? They flash their lights at it, honk the horn, and then yell “What the fuck are you doing?”

The proper way to handle such a situation is to drive up, take notice that a deranged looking person in a bunny suit is standing in the middle of the road and promptly turn your car around and drive the fuck away saying “Nope.” Any other type of reaction on your part is wrong.

So, check out the video below if you need a laugh today. I promise. It should deliver a chuckle. Check out more videos at DMPranksProductions.


Editor’s note: We’d like to dedicate this post to FON’s @ComgenKDT, because of his undying love for bunny rabbits.

h/t: 9gag.