Watch Outgoing Sen. Luther Strange Drink Steve Bannon’s Sad, Lonely Tears


Donald Trump threw his support behind outgoing Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) to win Jeff Sessions’ seat in the special election, but as everyone knows by now, that didn’t happen. Alleged pedophile Roy Moore still hasn’t conceded but that won’t stop Doug Jones from being seated. Steve Bannon, who conservatives think of a strategic genius, campaigned hard for Moore. Bannon campaigned saying that this election is a referendum on Donald Trump.

As it happens, Strange doesn’t think very much of President Bannon and he said so on Fox News. On Wednesday, the outgoing Alabama Senator ripped the Breitbart chairman into tiny little pieces.

“I think he had a bad day yesterday. For someone who’s only been in Washington for two months at the time, I sure got to be part of the establishment in record time,” Strange said. “So hopefully we’ve had enough of that talk. We’re going to be focused on getting conservatives who actually have records of accomplishment. That’s what I was running on. We’ve got a lot of rhetorical conservatives that like to talk a lot. Talk a big game. But really getting something done, that’s what we need in Washington.”

Cavuto then asked Strange if he believes Bannon is “that type of conservative,” according to Mediaite.

“I’ve never seen him accomplish anything,” Strange said. “He has accomplished one thing that I don’t think anybody in America thought was possible, and that’s getting a Democrat elected in the state of Alabama.”


Bannon should take some time off and get some medical attention. His liver probably looks like swiss cheese and that’s not a come-hither look on his face. That’s a man about to puke because he just downed another bottle of Jack Daniels, then wiped the vomit on his shirt sleeve.

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Image via screen capture.