WATCH: Trump Fan Who Launched Racist Rant At Michael’s Seen On Video Screaming At Peet’s Staff


The Chicago woman who had a meltdown in a Michael’s store while berating black and Hispanic employees has been identified on social media as Jennifer Boyle. She’s made it clear that she’s a proud Trump supporter but after her video went viral, she took down her LinkedIn page last night.

But we have a screen capture of it:
















Boyle, who no longer works for the Sinai Health System, is a repeat offender, according to the Chicagoist.

In another video, this one filmed a Peet’s Coffee in July, Boyle is seen demeaning employees again.

“You think because you’re in Boystown you’re safe?… Corporate’s not in Boystown,” she says.

“You’re the bitch! You are the bitch! You are literally the bitch!” she’s seen shouting at staff.

She continues shouting and, of course, mocking an employee after he tells her he’s the floor manager. She claims he called her a bitch first.

Still playing victim, she then claims she feared for her life. We can only assume that she’s afraid of baristas.

“The way [the employee] got in my face was not professional. I actually was afraid for my life,” she says.

“I can stereotype you, and call you something,” she says.


She then threatens to call the corporate office on the manager, which is exactly what she said to the manager at Michael’s, too.

One commenter at the Chicagoist writes, “It’s Jennifer Boyle. I worked with her at Sinai. She is batshit, racist, crazy.”

The woman who recorded the incident at Michael’s set up a GoFundMe page for the manager, raising over $20,000 so far because that employee took the brunt of Boyle’s anger.

After demeaning employees who are trying to do their jobs, she ran like a coward when social media users found out her real name. Sooo brave.

Featured image via screen capture.