We’re Baaaack!


After spending a good portion of this year at Alan Colmes’ site Liberaland, we decided to relaunch FreakOutNation. We wanted to welcome you back to our little niche of the Internet.


FON has a different look and we’re still adding features and moving the furniture around.

I had a lot of help. What I’m saying is, I did nothing while Gene, the admin at Liberaland and Quadranet did the transfer.

Tiffany from Liberal America, did the rest of the techie stuff because I’m a bit of an idiot.

I just wanted to welcome you back and thank Gene, Tiffany, Alan and ComgenKDT for helping out while I did nothing. Well, I didn’t exactly do nothing. I fired up the grill, had a steak and of course, a delicious Bloody Mary. So I pitched in, too. Don’t judge me.

I love Liberaland and I’ll be hanging out there in the comment threads when possible.

I occasionally write for Tiffany’s site, too. Be sure to check out Liberal America because she hosts some of the best content on the Internet.

What I need from our readers now that we’ve relaunched:

  • A winning lottery ticket. (thank you!)
  • Another Bloody Mary.
  • If you want to write for FON, just send a sample of your work to: [email protected] and add something in the subject line so I don’t delete your email. I get a ton of email. We won’t be paying our writers yet, but hopefully that will change in a month or three.
  • A winning lottery ticket (in case you missed it).
  • “Like” our Facebook page. (I’ll pay you out of my lottery winnings later)
  • Don’t throw the furniture around (throw the furniture around)
  • And finally: Have fun. Always have fun.

Previously, we were practically ad-free (for years), but in order to keep FON up and running, and to say – oh I don’t know, pay my electricity bill and stuff, we’ll be running ads.

The rules for commenting are the same as they were previously, which basically amount to: Don’t be a dick.

Send tips for [email protected] Tips give me blog-asms. Oh baby.

Oh, and please like Tiff’s awesome Facebook page, too.

Big thanks to our moderators. Y’all need to let me know if you want to mod here again. (suckers!) Seriously, you guys rock.