WH Budget Chief Defies Trump, Says ‘Dangerous’ GOP Bill Will Explode The Deficit (VIDEO)


Mick Mulvaney better watch his tongue, if he wants to slide into that coveted chief of staff position that Trump is reportedly thinking of filling with someone other than John Kelly, whose handling of Trump’s hired wife-beaters couldn’t have gone worse for the PR-obsessed president.

Now that Trump is back on the attack against the mainstream media, who every once in a blue moon manage to report on something awful Team Trump does in real time, the last thing he needs is a member of his inner circle trash-talking his agenda.

Unfortunately, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget is doing just that. Mulvaney, who was a Republican Congressman from South Carolina’s 5th District up until the day he was appointed by Trump to oversee the federal budget in February of 2017, said on CBS’ Face The Nation Sunday that he “probably” wouldn’t have voted for the 2-year budget deal just signed by Trump, but that “we need more money.”

This was after he spent the first portion of his segment making things worse on the John Kelly/Rob Porter front by lying about the White House’s reaction to the situation — he told the host, Major Garrett, that the White House “fired” Porter (who resigned) right after the photos came out of his black-eyed ex-wife (but before Donald Trump wished Porter well and said we should believe him when he says he’s innocent), because Porter “deceived” John Kelly (who’s known about Porter’s abuse for months).

The lousy part is, despite Mulvaney going on national TV and lying about the White House practice of hiring and shielding criminals and abusers, he’s not wrong about the fact that the new budget deal is, in his words, a “very dangerous idea.”

Watch the exchange here:

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