WH Chief Economic Adviser Admits ‘I Don’t Know Whether We’re Going To Have Tariffs Or Not’

Chief Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow from the White House on CNBC.

One of the most often repeated phrases we heard from Donald Trump on the campaign trail in 2016 was that if he became president, he would only appoint “the best people.”

But now that Trump is actually in the White House, he keeps surrounding himself people who don’t appear to have a clue when it comes to the job they’re supposed to be doing.

For example: Recently installed Chief Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow was a guest on CNBC Monday morning and was asked about the trade war that seems to be developing between the United States and China. Kudlow had this to say:

“Take a look at what China’s responses have been. You’re just blaming President Trump. China has been tough, ideological, mean. Read their press releases. Part of the reason to consider a second action, China’s response to the first one was completely unsatisfactory. And by the way, it wasn’t very diplomatic either.”

Missing from Kudlow’s diatribe is the fact that Trump is the first one to start talking about tariffs and trade wars. None of that originated with the Chinese.

Though he may have only been on the job for a week now, Kudlow has clearly read the Trump playbook. He quickly tried to blame the trade deficit with China on former President Obama, adding:

“We’ve never stayed the course.”

So will there be $100 billion in new tariffs on Chinese products? Trump threatened that just last week, but Kudlow must not have gotten the memo, because he all but threw up his hands when he remarked:

“I don’t know whether we’re going to have tariffs or not. I would take the president’s arguments quite seriously. We may. On the other hand, we may be able to settle this with negotiations. We will see how this thing turns out.”

This guy is the top adviser to Trump on issues that involve the economy, and he doesn’t know if there’s gonna be tariffs or not. Guess he’s waiting to see what advice Trump gets from his actual top adviser, Fox & Friends.

Here’s the video with Larry Kudlow on CNBC.

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