While The World Mourns John McCain’s Death, Trump Is Yelling At ‘Crooked Hillary’ On Twitter


It was just one day after Senator John McCain’s family announced that the Arizona Republican would no longer receive treatment for his battle with brain cancer that he died at 81-years-old, leaving behind quite a legacy, from being a prisoner of war in Vietnam to serving as a Congressman and Senator, and he was a two-time contender for the presidency. He served with grace and dignity. Donald Trump, a man who avoided serving in the military because his feet hurt, repeatedly attacked McCain while he was dying. Now that McCain is dead, Trump tweeted out his condolences yesterday in just two sentences. All day long, world leaders have been offering their condolences while praising McCain. The world is grieving and the news is focused on the good that McCain brought to political discourse.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump took to Twitter to bash special counsel Robert Mueller, former FBI Director James Comey, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, former British spy Christopher Steele, the FBI, and of course, “Crooked Hillary” over her emails. And for some reason, he’s retweeting himself.

For a man who claims to be innocent, Trump sure does act guilty. Hillary Clinton has already been investigated. Meanwhile, Trump is plagued with scandals and he’s just hoping no one will notice. With McCain’s death, though, maybe it can bring a focus on civility again, a thing we have lacked since Donald Trump was elected. Trump could never be the man Senator McCain was.

It’s Sunday. Trump needs to give it a rest.

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