Whistleblower In Trump’s Ukraine Scandal Just Had To Go Under Federal Protection


60 Minutes has just reported that it obtained a letter indicating that the government whistleblower whose complaint set off the impeachment inquiry of “President” Donald Trump is now under federal protection because “he or she fears for their safety.” And we’re totally sure that Trump’s latest mafioso-style tweet warning of “big consequences” for the whistleblower didn’t help matters at all.

Even before Trump’s threat, two of his staunchest supporters on the Internet, Jacob Wohl, and conspiracy asshole Jack Burkman offered a $50,000 dollar bounty on information related to the identity of the whistleblower. The whistleblower is apparently with the CIA so good luck with that, you dickwads.

To put this in perspective, y’alls totally not corrupt “president” has threatened a witness, who now justifiably fears for his or her life. Let this sink in.  The “president” of the United States has put an individual’s life at risk just to protect his image, such as it is. The partial transcript that was released of the phone call with Ukraine’s president confirms the whistleblower’s claim that Trump pressed Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

Trump launched a war on the intelligence community and the free press. It looks like he committed political suicide because now, the former reality show star stands alone, with the exception of his rabid supporters – but even they can’t help him now.

After all, Trump’s Ukraine scandal produced what the Russian probe did not: formal House impeachment proceedings based on the “president’s” own words and actions – some of which are displayed on his Twitter timeline every single day.

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Featured image via screen capture.