White House Denies Press Cameras Again, America DEMANDS ‘Turn Them On!’


The war between the White House and the media has come to a head.

Former Press Secretaries have tweeted that they support ending live coverage of press briefings. Current Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has put on an elaborate show at a briefing, performance art just for Donald Trump. CNN’s Jim Acosta has gotten downright testy with Sean Spicer. And Wednesday?

We’re sick of it. It is clearly a game for Donald Trump and his lackeys. But we’re not the only ones exhausted from their nonsense. When Brian Stelter tweeted the above, there’s no way he could have been prepared for the onslaught of replies.

And the sentiment that covered many more reactions…

We all want to know the answer, Brian: Why haven’t the press just turned the cameras on anyway? Failing to do so demonstrates a lack of faith that America can understand the importance of recording what the White House says and does. I think some of these tweets should restore that faith.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons