White House Easter Egg Roll Is Reportedly Going To Be A Huge Trump Fail


Easter Sunday is right around the corner. Whether you are Christian, Pagan, or just like chocolate bunnies, it’s a big deal, especially for the White House.

The White House has held the Easter Egg Roll for over hundred years (138), and it’s seen as one of the biggest events at the White House. Melinda Bates, who organized the events for former President Bill Clinton said:

“It’s the single most high-profile event that takes place at the White House each year, and the White House and the first lady are judged on how well they put it on.”

Knowing the importance of the event, you’d believe President Donald Trump would have ordered 17,821 14K gold plated eggs, right? Nope.

Sources are indicating that planning for the event is behind. In one instance, the company that supplies eggs for the event tweeted Trump, Melania, and Ivanka.

“@FLOTUS @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @MELANIATRUMP @IvankaTrump FYI manufacturing deadlines for the Easter eggs are near. Please reach out!”

They actually tweeted that back in February.

Melania’s communications director, Stephanie Grisham, said that the plans were on schedule; however, Salon reports the local schools in D.C. haven’t heard a thing from the embattled White House.

As for military families, the president of the American Military Partner Association Ashley Broadway-Mack, echoed the same sentiments saying the Trump team had yet to reach out. Furthermore, Congress hasn’t been informed either.

On top of that, because the White House was late in contacting PBS Kids, the White House Easter Egg Roll will only see one Sesame Street character, rather than several.

The New York Times reported that the event looks like it’s going to be smaller and it will be “thrown together” at the last minute.

“The evidence points to a quickly thrown-together affair that people close to the planning said would probably draw about 20,000 people – substantially smaller than last year’s Easter Egg Roll, which drew 37,000 – and be staffed by 200 volunteers, one-fifth of the usual number.”

All I can hope is that Press Secretary Sean Spicer will be tasked with playing the Easter Bunny again. That would be an Easter miracle.

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