White House Spokesman Gets Quickly Fact-Checked On Fox And Friends; Trump Is Going To Hate This


Following the resignation of two senior White House officials over domestic abuse allegations, Donald Trump made the alleged abusers out to be the victims. But, White House press secretary Hogan Gidley appeared on Fox & Friends and straight up lied, saying that Trump has clearly denounced all forms of abuse against women as “horrible and disgusting.”

Host Brian Kilmeade asked Gidley why Trump won’t say publicly that he is “outraged” about the domestic abuse allegations against former aide Rob Porter who has been accused of domestic abuse by two ex-wives and a former girlfriend.

“Well, I don’t know if he is going to say that publicly or not. And I have not spoken with the president about this, but I can say, you know, we lean on a process here at the White House and quite frankly, as soon as we found out about this on Tuesday, by Wednesday Rob Porter was gone,” he said.

“The president has been very clear, that all forms of abuse, all forms of battery against women are horrible and disgusting,” Gidley added.

“But he hasn’t said that,” Kilmeade said.

“You haven’t talked to him today,” Gidley said. “I know for a fact I have talked to the president about issues surrounding this type of behavior, and he finds it disgusting.”


Oh, so after praising the alleged wife-beater, Trump is saying privately that he’s disgusted by Porter’s behavior. When Fox & Friends calls out Donald Trump, that’s something to behold because it’s his favorite ‘news’ source during his executive time.

Trump didn’t mention Porter’s victims but instead, said that ‘mere allegations’ are shattering men’s lives. Photos Porter’s first wife with a black eye quickly circulated. There are police reports and restraining orders, and both ex-wives spoke with the FBI, which is likely why he couldn’t get a security clearance. That’s not a ‘mere allegation,’ Mr. Trump.

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