Wife Of Cyberbully Vows To Fight ‘Social Media Negativity’ As First Lady (VIDEO, IMAGES)


American First Ladies traditionally embrace certain causes; Betty Ford had alcoholism and breast cancer, Nancy Reagan had ‘Just say no.’ Michelle Obama was taken to task by conservatives for having the audacity to suggest that nutrition is important for children. And Melania Trump, who could be America’s first Third Lady, has her mission picked out as well.

Social media negativity.

In a one-on-one interview with Anderson Cooper Monday night on CNN, Melania spent most of her time pumping the latest talking point from the Trump campaign: the media is rigged, a message she was able to offer during her 20 minutes of prime-time cable news coverage.

The Trump campaign is a daily trip through Alice’s looking glass, and this interview was no exception. Melania Trump’s pet cause is negativity on social media. It’s bad for the children, you see. That’s why she’s stopped using it for the last year and a half. Sort of.

Anderson: There’s a lot of bullying that goes on online.

Melania: A lot of bullying. I stopped social media [for a] year and a half.

Anderson: You did?

Melania: I did.

Anderson: For yourself?

Melania: For myself. I’m posting some of the stuff, but I’m not posting…I’m not [an] attention seeker. My life is not a photo-op.

And indeed, the former model discussing her celebrity/presidential candidate husband in a sit-down interview on CNN has a right to her privacy, even if she has no inclination to exercise that right.

Another person who has a right to privacy (aside from the dozens of people her husband has attacked on social media), is journalist Julia Ioffe. She’s sort of a textbook example of the ugliness of cyber-bullying.

In April, non-attention seeking Melania gave an exclusive interview to Ioffe, for GQ magazine. She suggested that Melania was actually a fitting partner of Donald Trump, and talked about her opulent wedding dress. Naturally, conservatives were outraged. And to express their solidarity to Melania (who posted her dissatisfaction with the article on social media giant FaceBook), many of them used available social media to scold the Russian-Jewish immigrant Ioffe, with well-reasoned arguments:




Additionally, they played Hitler’s speeches on her telephone. When Melania was interviewed about these incidents, she really showed her First Lady chops:

I don’t control my fans, but I don’t agree with what they’re doing. I understand what you mean, but there are people out there who maybe went too far. She provoked them.

Yeah. Maybe they went too far. But she did provoke them by interviewing Melania for a fashion/lifestyle magazine.

Election day is November 8th. You should probably vote.

Video from CNN via YouTube:

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