Wisconsin Republicans Got Drunk At A Bar Before Passing Scott Walker’s Awful Budget


While in a drunken stupor, Wisconsin legislators passed an awful budget. In fairness, the budget is so bad that you’d have to be drunk to vote for it.

















Dale Kooyenga (R-Brookfield) and other legislators (not pictured but he’s in the video) went across the street to drink some alcoholic beverages after a “credible bomb threat” was reported which evacuated the Capitol on Wednesday afternoon during the Assembly floor session.

GOP lawmakers, who were officially “on the clock” moved across the street from the Capitol to openly slug beer at sidewalk taverns only to return later to the statehouse with some of them visibly intoxicated, to pass Scott Walker’s dumbass 2015 budget.

Watch, uploaded by We’re All Mad Here.

Karoli at Crooks And Liars writes, “Look at that guy. He can hardly put two words together without slurring them like the country drunk on the corner. I’m surprised they didn’t pass out before voting.”

Democrats offered 31 amendments aimed at undoing some of these provisions and restoring some money to the state’s schools, but all were rejected by the Republican majority, Think Progress reports.

Though Wisconsinites successfully pressured lawmakers to take out provisions that would have levied a special tax on bicycles, gutted the state’s government transparency laws and reduce a planned $300 million cut to universities to $250 million, a host of controversial provisions — several of them slipped in at the last minute — made it into the final draft.

Included in the last minute additions is a repeal of wage protections for construction workers on local government projects, the elimination of workers’ right to one day off per week, loosened regulations over payday lenders, and a provision to expedite approval for a tar sands pipeline that would bisect the state, according to Think Progress.

Another addition was made eliminating the state’s long-standing living wage law and replaces all references to a “living wage” with “minimum wage.”

Walker is expected to announce his bid to become Preznit on July 13th. We are sure many drunken Conservatives will support him in his quest to fuck up America just as he’s done to his state.

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H/T: Crooks And Liars.