‘WITCH HUNT!’: Trump Lashes Out At Mueller Again After Watching Hannity On Fox And Friends


Donald Trump continued his attack on special counsel Robert Mueller today just after he promoted a Fox & Friends segment featuring conspiracy theorist Sean Hannity. In the last few days, Trump has lashed out at Mueller, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and former FBI Director James Comey. Today, we’re seeing more of the same. For some reason, President Stable Genius also felt the need to tell us what time it is.

Trump really shouldn’t ever mention the words ‘conflicts of interest.’

Here’s part of the Hannity segment that made Trump lose his shit this morning on Twitter.

On Sunday, Trump’s tweets were so unhinged that aides reportedly had to ‘whisk’ him away to a golf course in order to keep him off of social media.

Hannity wants Hillary Clinton, who is not the President, prosecuted but not Trump’s numerous associates who have been indicted. Sounds legit, Liddle Sean! Hannity has his own problems to deal with after circulating the Seth Rich conspiracy theory. The slain Democratic National Committee staffer’s parents are suing Fox News over that.

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Image via screen capture.