You Won’t Believe What Conservatives & Liberals Share In Common


It’s common knowledge that liberals and conservatives agree on very little, if anything at all. Some are able to at least tolerate each other enough to hear their view points. Others, not so much.

However, research has found that conservatives are interested in science… kind of. However, the types of science they are interested in rarely coincide with liberal interests.

The Guardian reported:

“With researchers at Yale and the University of Chicago, Macy pored over more than a million book purchases by people on the right and left of the political spectrum. He found that while both sides shared a broad interest in science, there was little overlap in the subjects they read, or the books they picked within scientific fields.”

The author of the study, Michael Macy, said:

“We wanted to see to what extend science is something that liberals and conservatives might agree on, and if that could serve as a bridge across the political divide.”

So, what did they find? Well, liberals prefer scientific subjects such as physics, astronomy, and zoology. Conservatives, on the other hand, purchased books on criminology, medicine, and geophysics.

However, there was one popular subject that both conservatives and liberals were both interested in. Surprisingly, it was dinosaurs!

Honestly, who doesn’t love dinosaurs? As a kid, at some point in one’s life, there has to be a fascination with dinosaurs. I had it. I was also lucky, though. Jurassic Park came out when I was six, and yes, I watched it when I was six or seven. Actually, that probably what’s wrong with me, but I digress. Dinosaurs are awesome. Regardless of when liberals and conservatives believe they existed on earth (millions of years ago vs. 6,000 years ago), dinosaurs are awesome.

Macy’s study appears in Nature Human Behaviour.

Featured image via Pixabay.